Air Conditioning Systems

Ceiling Cassette
This type of air conditioning is primarily used in commercial environments, like restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and large offices however it can be installed anywhere were there is a ceiling.  Read More
Floor (Free) Standing
This type of air conditioning units stands on its own to blend perfectly with the surrounding décor.  Read More
High Wall Splits
These units can be easily installed in offices or rooms and offers exceptional cooling and heating performance. We supply sizes from 9 000-36 000btu.  Read More
Horizontal Ducted/ Hide Away
Hidden under the ceiling, this type is designed for buildings that require floor level air conditioning for many individual rooms or large areas, like restaurants, concert hall and hotels. Read More
Under Ceiling (Ceiling/Floor)
Depending on space availability, this type of air conditioning can be installed either on the ceiling or standing on the floor. The vertical flow of the cool/warm air can be controlled by remote control.  Read More
Window Type
These units can be installed easily in offices or homes through the window or wall opening.  Read More